Soccer, Costa Rica Coffee and a Church

Le Lacheur is widely credited in Costa Rica as having transformed the economy of this Central American country by establishing a direct regular trade route for Costa Rican coffee growers to the European market, thereby helping to establish the Costa Rican coffee trade and development of gourmet coffee in Costa Rica. He set up the market and the trade routes that allowed the coffee business to bloom and flourish.

Little is known of his education and upbringing. At a young age, he went to sea, working his way up to become the captain of his first ship, St George in 1827.

William married Rachel de Jersey (1798–1882) in parish church of the Forest, Guernsey on 19 May 1828. They had five children: Rachel, Emma, Amelia, John and Louisa

The Start of Costa Rica gourmet coffee and coffee trade

After sailing for 3 years and building a good shipping route and building up some capital to expand his shipping business he decided to expand his business.

In 1830 he entered the Azores fruit trade with the ship Minerva. By 1836, he had formed a company Le Lacheur & Co, which owned two ships: Minerva & Dart. Over the following years, he continued to add to his fleet, and seek out new markets. In 1841, Le Lacheur took delivery of the barque Monarch. The Monarch was a much larger vessel capable of journeys further afield.