Panama’s Environmental Performance

Panama’s Environmental Performance has been one of the key features in development of the country. Today the Panama real estate is booming. This is because of the responsibility of the government towards the environment and the Panama property. The Panama Canal is the pride of canal. It was constructed after the hard work of more than 75000 people for over 10 years. This canal is a very important route for ships from all over the world. No longer do ships from the east cost have to go all around South America to reach the west coast. This canal makes it easy for ships to reach the other course in a much shorter way. Also this canal is a great revenue generator for the country. All the ships must pass through this canal to go to the west coast. This saves time as well as fuel for the ships. The ships that are let to pass through the canal without any discrimination there is a separate authority of the canal that is independent which monitors the development of the canal. Also the canal is maintained by this authority employing more than 4000 people every year. This canal brings good value to the Panama property around it. The canal is a matter of pride for the people of Panama and Panama property. There are many positive implications also of the canal to the environment that affects the climate of the regions around the canal. The canal hosts more than 12000 vessels every year as they transit from one coast to another.

There were many deforestation issues while the canal was being constructed in Panama property. Many forests were destroyed during the construction of the canal. However the government has worked positively towards a forestation towards the reconstruction of these forests on Panama property. These forests have helped in maintaining the balance in nature. Because of the tropical climatic conditions of the country flora and fauna thrive well on Panama property. This has added to the development to many wild life reserves and many natural reserves for many types of animals in the world. There are also a large varieties of birds found in the canal region. In fact this region plays host to a number of birds all round the year. This has encouraged into the preservation of birds in Panama property. There are many birds found in this area that are hardly found anywhere. The responsibility of the government towards the environment and Panama property has been tremendous. There have been a lot of efforts put for the development of wild life reserves. Also to preserve the eco system around the canal the government has put in a lot of effort. Many endangered plants and animals as well are preserved in this area. The environment has played a great part in attracting tourists from all over the world. Each year tourists spend over billions of dollars to experience the environment of the country. The environment has also been carefully handled in development of new projects with plantation of more trees if any are cut down during the construction of new buildings and development of Panama real estate.