Soccer Gambling Glossary

What you need to do first however is to get accustomed to all the terms used in soccer gambling. Although this may seem insignificant, it is of utmost importance to correctly understand all terms used er betting. Otherwise you may end up placing inaccurate bet and loosing a lot of money.


Here are some of the most broadly used terms in soccer gambling:

Parlay, also known as accumulator is a term used to describe winnings of a bet that are transferred to the next bet. The main idea of this kind of betting is to maximize winnings however it rarely woks in reality.

A bet that has high chances of winning is called a banker. It is usual for odds to be 1.5 for this kind of bet.

Double is a term used to describe the accumulator of two bets.


Each Way is a bet where you win even if your team comes second, third or fourth place in the listings. Although this bet is mainly used in horse racing it is very ppular in soccer gambling as well.

Odd against  and Odds on  are terms used to describe odds greater than evens and odds less than evens.

If you predict the first goal score as well as the final score we have a scorecast  bet. This type of bet can get you huge profits however it is very hard to guess the correct results.

Even bet describes odds being 1/1. if you place such a bet and win you will double your profit.