Mastering the Art of Collecting: Elevate Your Art Collecting Skills

Fellow collectors can recommend galleries, events, and artists worth exploring. These recommendations can be invaluable in guiding your collecting journey and helping you discover new and exciting artworks.

Educate Yourself
Read Books and Magazines

Reading extensively about art history and collections can significantly enhance your

knowledge. Books provide a deep dive into the fundamentals, while magazines offer up-to-date information and trends.

Books: “The Art of Collecting: A Guide to Collecting Art for Pleasure and Profit” by Diane McManus Jensen.
Magazines: “Artforum” and “ARTnews” are
excellent resources for staying current with the art world.

Stay Updated

While older literature offers foundational knowledge, staying updated with current publications ensures you are aware of the latest trends and developments in the art world. Subscribing to art magazines can keep you informed about new artists, exhibitions, and market trends.
Learn from Reviews and Critiques
Understand Different Perspectives

Art is subjective, and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Reading reviews and critiques by established art critics can provide valuable insights. Instead of being swayed by their opinions, use their perspectives to enhance your understanding and appreciation of different artworks.
Develop Your Critiquing Skills

Learning how to critique art is an essential skill for any collector. By understanding the criteria critics use, you can develop a more discerning eye and make more informed decisions about the pieces you add to your collection.
Seek Professional Guidance