Changing Your Name by Deed Poll: A Comprehensive Guide

Changing your name is a significant decision that can have a profound impact on your life. Whether it’s due to marriage, divorce, personal preference, or any other reason, the process of changing your name involves legal steps that must be followed meticulously. One of the most common methods of legally changing your name is through a Deed Poll.

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document that allows an individual to officially change their name. It is a binding agreement made by a person, stating that they renounce their former name and will be known by their new name. This document is recognized by government authorities, institutions, and organizations as evidence of a legal name change.

Why Change Your Name by Deed Poll?

There are various reasons why someone might choose to change their name via Deed Poll:

  1. Personal Preference: Individuals may wish to adopt a name that better reflects their identity or personal beliefs.
  2. Marriage or Divorce: Many individuals change their surname after getting married or divorced.
  3. Gender Identity: Transgender individuals may change their name to align with their gender identity.
  4. Professional Reasons: Some individuals may change their name for professional reasons, such as branding or career advancement.

How to Change Your Name by Deed Poll

The process of changing your name by Deed Poll involves several steps:

  1. Choose Your New Name: Decide on the new name you wish to adopt carefully. Ensure it is a name you are comfortable with and that it complies with legal requirements (e.g., not offensive or misleading).
  2. Prepare the Deed Poll Document: The Deed Poll document should include your current name, your new name, a statement of intention to abandon your former name, and a declaration that you will use your new name exclusively.
  3. Witness the Deed: The Deed Poll must be signed and witnessed by independent adults who are not relatives. Witnesses must include their full names, addresses, and occupations on the document.
  4. Notify Relevant Authorities: Once the Deed Poll is signed and witnessed, you will need to notify various authorities and organizations of your name change. This may include government agencies, banks, employers, educational institutions, and utility providers.
  5. Update Official Documents: Obtain updated documents, such as a new passport, driver’s license, and other identification documents, reflecting your new name.
  6. Inform Others: Inform friends, family, and Change Name on Passport acquaintances of your name change to ensure a smooth transition.

Is a Deed Poll Legally Binding?

Yes, a Deed Poll is legally binding in most countries, including the United Kingdom. It provides evidence of your intention to assume a new name and is widely accepted by government bodies and other organizations. However, there may be some instances where further documentation or verification is required.


Changing your name by Deed Poll is a straightforward and legally recognized process that allows individuals to adopt a new identity. Whether for personal, professional, or legal reasons, a Deed Poll provides a formal mechanism for changing your name and updating official documents. If you are considering a name change, it is essential to understand the steps involved and ensure compliance with legal requirements. By following the process outlined in this guide, you can successfully change your name and embark on a new chapter of your life.