Field Service Is Not Just Break/Fix

We advocate thinking big and “swinging for the fences” as they say in baseball. Not only should you be responding to customer repairs and providing ongoing maintenance, there is more that you can offer to add value for your customer and increase your revenues.

For example, companies such as General Electric that produce large equipment for power generation offer to conduct a site evaluation prior to delivering equipment to the installation to ensure a smooth and successful install. Field service can provide practical and valuable consulting assistance to customers on all aspects of the layout and site design, as well as the requirements for optimal operation of equipment. These valuable consulting services can command substantial consulting fees. Services such as these can also be serious differentiators when selling equipment. Your field service people know what’s best, based on experience, and you can charge for this expertise.

Cisco considers consulting part of its “PPDIOO” customer cycle and offers services that span the lifecycle for networking technologies. These services are provided by its own workforce and service partners. This consists of the following steps in the customer cycle:

Prepare: discovery process to define customer business needs
Plan: site and solution requirement definition
Design: development of implementation design
Implement: installation of equipment to meet business needs
Operate: transition to routine operation
Optimize: continuous system improvement and optimization

Consulting fees can be charged for processes such as Cisco’s PPDIOO and can make a huge difference to your bottom line. At each step in the process, you engage with your customer to gain a deeper understanding of their goals. This, in turn, will enable you to make helpful recommendations.