Understanding Why Do Chihuahuas Shake: Tips & Insights for Pet Owners

Interestingly, shaking due to excitement is quite common among Chihuahuas. This natural reaction is a way for our furry pals to release any excess energy stored in their little bodies. So, if you see your Chihuahua shaking when you get home, don’t panic! They’re just overjoyed to see you.
Cold Sensitivity

Despite their fiery personalities, cold chihuahuas are often considered sensitive dogs due to their small size and thin coats. These small dogs, also known as tiny dogs, have difficulty regulating their body temperature compared to larger dogs. Their fast metabolism and lower body fat add to this sensitivity.


Chihuahuas shaking during cold weather are likely trying to keep warm. To help your pet, you can invest in a good-quality coat that can help them retain body heat. After all, we wouldn’t want our little pals to feel cold, would we?