Secret Shopper Business

Secret Shopping is a good part time business for stay
at home moms, students, retired folks, or just about
anyone who wants to make a little extra income. It’s
simple to get into this business and you can work the
hours you want.

Secret Shoppers might be on duty at your local grocery
store, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, video stores,
theaters, banks, government agencies, even 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 the local mall!

Maybe that casually dressed young woman complaining about
her hamburger order at the local fast food restaurant is
a Secret Shopper checking out how they handle customer
complaints. Or that surly looking teenager returning a
video a day late to the video store is a Secret Shopper
observing how the workers handle unruly customers.

You never know exactly where an assignment will take you!
This is a fun and exciting job for the adventurous who
like dealing with all types of people.

You will pretend to be a regular customer. You will observe
the designated business and how they treat consumers. Then
you will compile your findings into a written report and
submit it to your companies district headquarters via e-mail
or regular mail. They will submit your findings to the
companies management for further evaluation.